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Marriott Holidays frequently asked questions.

Researching and booking packages

Q: What is Marriott Holidays?

A: Marriott International has partnered with Expedia, Inc. to bring you Marriott Holidays, which allows you to travel around the world by packaging our great Marriott hotel rates with discounted flights, rental cars, activities, tickets, tours and more.

Q: Why should I book a vacation package instead of booking my flight, hotel, and car separately?

A: Savings and convenience.  Bundling our great hotel rates with discounted flights and car rental rates typically will cost less than booking each component separately.  Plus, you can plan and purchase your entire trip in one convenient transaction.

Q: Am I booking this package directly with Marriott?

A: No. Marriott Holidays has partnered with a third-party company (Expedia, Inc.) that specializes in bundling our great hotels with other travel components to create complete packages.

Q: Will I be staying at a Marriott Vacation Club property?

A: Marriott Vacation Club properties will be indicated in the hotel description.  However, please note that the majority of the hotels offered by Marriott Holidays are not Marriott Vacation Club properties.

Q: Will the hotel portion of my package be all-inclusive?

A: Certain properties offer all-inclusive rates.  If a property offers an all-inclusive rate, it will be clearly indicated when you make the reservation.

Q: Why do I have to provide the children's ages?

A: We require children's ages to correctly calculate the price for some of the components you may request on your reservation.  This information will also be held on record with the reservation.

Q: Why is the Marriott hotel I want not listed?

A: Your preferred hotel may not appear because it may not be available for the travel dates you specified.  If the hotel is sold out for even one of the travel dates you’re requesting, it may not appear on the list of available properties.

If you feel strongly about reserving a particular hotel, you can change your travel date, or check back frequently to see if availability has changed for your preferred hotel.

Q: Why did the reservation automatically change the dates of my hotel stay?

A: When you select outbound and return flights, please take note of the flight times.  Some flights arrive the day after you depart (for example, red-eye flights).  If you select a departing flight that has a different-day arrival, Marriott Holidays automatically reduces the hotel stay dates and re-prices the package to reflect your actual length of stay.  If the advisory message does not appear, Marriott Holidays does not consider the package a different-day arrival and does not adjust the dates or prices.

Q: How do I know my reservation is confirmed?

A: After you have entered all guests’ names and submitted payment, an itinerary number appears at the top of the confirmation screen.  It may take several moments for the confirmation screen to appear.  Only click Complete Booking one time, and do not stop or leave the website prior to receiving your confirmation number.  If you click the stop button and then click Complete Booking again, you may confirm the reservation more than once and incur double charges on your credit card.  After you confirm the reservation, you will automatically receive an email confirmation.

Q: What documents will I receive after I confirm my reservation?

A: When you book a package, all travel documents you receive are electronic.  After you confirm the reservation, you immediately receive an e-travel confirmation.  This e-travel confirmation verifies the travel components you selected when you book the reservation.

Your airline ticket will be issued as an e-ticket (electronic ticket). The airline confirmation number will be included in your email confirmation.   However, some international flights may require paper tickets.  If e-tickets are not available, paper tickets will be issued and mailed to you after your address is verified.

If there are changes to the flight component (for example, flight times or flight numbers), Marriott Holidays automatically updates the reservation to include the new flight information.  You will be contacted and will receive an updated e-travel confirmation via email outlining what has changed.

Q: Can I be provided with an itemized receipt for my vacation package?

A: No, Marriott Holidays is unable to provide a breakdown of the cost for each travel component.  To avoid violations of Marriott's "Look No Further" Best Rate Guarantee, the room rate paid as part of the Marriott Holidays package must remain undisclosed.  The email confirmation received for the package with the total price is Marriott Holidays' version of a receipt.  Please email if you would like to receive a copy of your original confirmation.

Q: How do I book more than one hotel room?

A: You can select the number of rooms (three maximum) you need from the Rooms drop-down menu on the main search page.  You will then have to select the number of adults and children in each room.

Q: Can I book two different hotels for my package stay?

A: No, only one hotel property may be booked with each package.

Q: Can I stay at the hotel for only part of my package?

A: Yes.  When initiating a search, check the box indicating “I only need a hotel for part of my stay.”

Q: Can I add a car, activity or additional passenger to my package after it has been booked?

A: Yes, contact Marriott Holidays at 020 3027 9566 for assistance.

Q: Can I book first class or business class airline tickets?

A: Yes, you can select First Class, Business Class, Premium Economy or Economy/Coach.  Select your class option from the Class of Service drop-down menu when you begin your search.

Q: Do I need to purchase an airline ticket for an infant?

A: For flights outside of the United States, you must purchase a separate ticket for all travelers, regardless of age.

Q: Will I earn frequent flyer miles?

A: Eligibility for earning frequent flyer miles is determined by the rules and restrictions of the selected airlines' frequent flyer programs.  


Marriott BonvoyTM

Q: Will I receive Marriott BonvoyTM points for purchasing a package?

A: Yes, Marriott BonvoyTM members will earn points and elite night credit in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Marriott BonvoyTM program.

Q: When will I receive my points and stay credit for my Vacations by Marriott package?

A: The standard duration for the points and stay credit to appear in members’ accounts is within one week from the checkout date.  If you are not currently a Marriott BonvoyTM member, visit to sign up.  From time to time, Vacations by Marriott will run bonus points offers and members can expect bonus points to be credited within 2-4 weeks from the checkout date.

Q: Can I use my Marriott BonvoyTM points or frequent flyer miles to purchase a package?

A: No, at this time you cannot use Marriott BonvoyTM points or frequent flyer miles to purchase Vacations by Marriott packages.  


Pricing, payments, and penalties

Q: How do I apply payments?

A: You apply payment when you confirm your reservation on the Marriott Holidays payment page.  You must pay the full amount at time of booking to confirm the reservation.

Q: Can I use more than one credit card to apply payment?

A: No, only one credit card is accepted to purchase your vacation package.

Q: Can I use a Marriott gift card to apply payment?

A: No, at this time you cannot use a Marriott gift card to purchase a Marriott Holidays package. However, Marriott gift cards can be used with your Marriott Holidays reservation for a variety of diverse experiences throughout your stay – from a day at the spa, to dining, cocktails with friends or even a round of golf. The Marriott gift card can be redeemed for virtually anything that can be charged to your room during a stay. 

Q: Can I use a promotional code to obtain a discount?

A: Marriott Holidays packages are specially-priced to include hotel and airfare and/or rental car.  From time to time, you will have the opportunity to utilize promotional codes offered directly by Marriott Holidays.  

Q: What happens when the website rejects my credit card?

A: The website rejects a credit card if you enter the wrong information, enter an invalid credit card, or the credit card has exceeded its limit.  If one or more of those situations occurs, an error message appears on the screen.  If the card you are currently using is expired or over its limit, try using a different credit card.  If you do not receive an email confirmation within 24 hours of purchase or if you continue to have problems, contact Marriott Holidays at 020 3027 9566.


Q: What charges will appear on my credit card statement?

A: The charge for your Marriott Holidays package will appear on your credit card statement as “EI*HMarriottUK”.  You will be charged at the time of booking for the entire cost of your package.

Q: Are payments processed on a secure server?  How do I know?

A: Yes, all payments process through a secure server.  The VeriSign Secured icon that appears on the screen signifies a secure purchase.  You can also see the "secure" URL displayed briefly on the bottom left of the screen immediately after you click Complete Booking.

Q: What surcharges will I have to pay?

A: Your final package price may include surcharges, such as airport facility charges, federal taxes, departure taxes, passenger facility charges, government fees, and fuel price surcharges. Often, surcharges are taxes and fees imposed by government regulations.

Q: How do I know what the package price includes?

A: When you search for a package, the available options always include the combined hotel and flight prices, feature prices, and all applicable flight and hotel taxes.  Marriott Holidays does not add any “surprise” taxes to the flight and hotel package prices when you confirm the reservation.

However, certain resort and parking fees or rental car taxes and fees may be due directly to the resort or rental car company at time of checkout or rental car pick-up.  You may also be responsible for applicable airline baggage fees, which are payable to the airline when you check in.  Click the Flight details and baggage fees link on the flight availability page to view up-to-date airline baggage fees.

Q: Is transportation between the airport and hotel included in the package price?

A: Marriott Holidays offers airport transfers as an optional feature for certain locations.  You need to visit the trip detail page, and then locate and select your desired transfer to add it to your itinerary.  Marriott Holidays also offers rental cars in select locations.  If rental cars are available in the location you’re searching, rental car options will be displayed as part of the booking process. 

You must be at least 25 years old to rent a car, except where local laws indicate otherwise.

Q: Will the price of my package change after I confirm it?

A: No.  After you apply payment and confirm your reservation, the final price will not change.


Issues, errors, and general support

Q: I was in the middle of confirming a reservation when my computer froze.  What should I do now?

A: If the reservation confirmation screen did not appear before you were disconnected, then the website probably did not have an opportunity to complete your reservation.  To verify this, contact Marriott Holidays at 020 3027 9566.

Q: I did not receive a confirmation e-mail; what should I do?

A: You will receive an email confirmation within 24 hours of purchase.  If you did not receive an email confirmation within that time frame, please check your junk/spam e-mail folder.  You can also contact Marriott Holidays at 020 3027 9566.

Q: How do I report errors?

A: Contact Marriott Holidays at 020 3027 9566.  When reporting an error, include the error message you received and as much reservation information as you can.

Q: How do I confirm my reservation?

A: Locate your package confirmation number in the confirmation email that you received at the time of booking and contact Marriott Holidays at 020 3027 9566.

Q: How do I make changes to or cancel my reservation?

A: Contact Marriott Holidays at 020 3027 9566 to make changes to a paid reservation.

Q: Who do I contact if I need support or personal assistance?

A: Contact Marriott Holidays at 020 3027 9566 if you need support or personal assistance.

Q: Where can I find your terms and conditions?

A: You can click Terms & Conditions on the bottom of any screen to review the Marriott Holidays terms and conditions for your package.

Q: Do you accommodate physically challenged travelers?

A: Please check the hotel profile for your desired Marriott hotel or resort for information about the number of available accessible rooms.  Select the name of the hotel anywhere in the booking process and review the hotel details page.  If you do not find the information you are looking for or if you need to request special arrangements for a physically challenged traveler, contact Marriott Holidays at 020 3027 9566.  You may also contact your selected Marriott hotel directly.

Q. What forms of identification do I need when I travel?

A. Please check the destination country on the Foreign & Commonwealth Office website for specific entry requirements and review Travel and Safety information.


Q: Can I add passengers to a confirmed reservation?

A: You cannot add passengers to a confirmed reservation online.  Please contact Marriott Holidays at 020 3027 9566.

Q: Will my email address be used for marketing purposes?

A: When you submit your email address to us, join Marriott BonvoyTM or request a copy of your hotel bill via email, we may periodically contact you via email and provide information about special offers and promotions that may be of interest to you (unless you opt out).  Please see our Privacy Policy at the bottom of this page for complete details on Marriott’s email policies.

Your information will not be sold to any third-party affiliates of Marriott International.